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Social return: We work together with Heliomare. They help us hire people with physical or mental handicaps.

Corporate Responsibility and sustainability (CRS)


Response Network is deeply rooted in our society and makes its own contribution to social responsibility. For example: we support projects that would otherwise not be financially feasable, we compensate our CO2 emissions and we participate in Social Return projects.

Climate Neutral Group


Climate Neutral Group helps us to reduce and compensate our CO2 footprint.

Dutch Paralympic sprint team


We are proud to sponsor one of the athletes of the Dutch Paralympic sprint team

FSC en CO2 neutrally
produced paper


  • All paper we use is FSC certified

  • 70% of the paper we use is CO2neutrally produced 

  • All paper we use has at least two of the certificates

Duurzaam grafischNoord -Holland


We are members of the DGNH group

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ISO 9001:2015


We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2012

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